About us

First, we want to let it be known what Big Dog Living is not; Big Dog Living is not ego driven, and we don’t stand for pridefulness or arrogance. What we are is confident in who we are as men and women in Christ Jesus. If you were with us at the beginning of our journey, you’ve noticed many changes within our designs. The biggest change was the conviction of the Holy Spirit to not portray Christ as a dog within our designs. You may be asking yourself, “then what’s a big dog?” We believe in Growth learning from our own mistakes and others' mistakes to become the best version of ourselves according to scripture. A dog learns from its owner, and what better owner do we have than the one we have in Jesus? We don’t complain about our circumstances we take action to change them we can only take action, by ultimately showing Love, Grace, Mercy and fully trusting in the life and owner of our souls, Jesus). It’s very clear to us that we are the created and not the creator (Love). It’s clear to us the only thing that separates us from someone who’s struggling in life Is God’s grace (Grace). There’s no growth without resistance so we don’t wish our trials and tribulations away we go through them (Mercy). Life is full of lessons; our job is to first learn so we can then teach those who follow us. The greatest wealth we possess as people is Knowledge, at Big Dog Living we want to share the wealth that we’ve obtained through trials, hardship difficult moments with you. Not only to encourage you but to truly empower you, to become the best version of yourself according to the word of God. So, let's follow Christ, and be the biggest versions of what He has called us to be. Be a Big Dog.